Automation and programmatic sampling are the most effective and efficient ways of identifying and managing respondents for consumer insights projects. Automation replaces manual processes with computer programming to do the routine work of data retrieval and transmission, like exchanging quota information for a project or directing respondents to specific surveys.


 Advanced Techniques

At P2Sample, we go way beyond the basics. We use advanced automation and programmatic techniques to deliver fundamentally better data and better results for your business by:

  1. Constantly optimizing recruitment to maximize participation while silently eliminating the devious and disengaged.
  2. Relentlessly elevating the respondent experience, and even automatically quarantining experiences in field that are inhibiting participation and driving down participant attention.
  3. Monitoring field and predictively raising alerts where needed to ensure that projects finish on time and in full.

Programmatic sampling can enable any supplier to offer lower costs, greater efficiency, and reduced error rates. At P2Sample, you get all these, as well as maximum dependability, real and engaged respondents, and the agility to meet your needs as they evolve.


 API Solutions

Building Connections

No one knows your insight needs like you do, and no one knows panel technology like we do. We are experts at facilitating the agile, accurate exchange of information between servers that enables programmatic sampling to work. These exchanges are made via APIs, (Automated Programming Interfaces). APIs are to programmatic sampling what arteries and veins are to the human body. Just as our body’s circulatory system carries oxygen and nutrients to our various organs, APIs transmit project information, participant information, and even data from buyers to suppliers.

We know that no two systems are completely alike. With 100+ APIs operating across our supply and demand partners, we have seen almost everything. Our partners, which include some of the industry’s biggest agencies, have come to appreciate our knowledge and experience. Our programmatic approach offers quick, budget-friendly solutions that are endlessly flexible to meet your unique project needs. Working together, we can create a sampling solution that fits your needs exactly – no matter how complicated or unusual.

Adopting Automation

The Future is Now

Companies that embrace automation are enjoying faster execution, lower operating costs, and reduced error rates. But the road to adoption is challenging. The easy part is writing the computer programs. The harder part is re-thinking all the pieces.

If you are contemplating a move from manual to automated sample provision or operations, we can help. In addition to operating over 100 APIs, we have also advised our partners on a range of topics, including:

  1. Mapping data fields across systems and maintaining them over time
  2. Designing and redesigning production workflows
  3. Designing and redesigning data storage, retrieval, and validation
  4. Process optimization using variety of operational and technical metrics
  5. Transmitting implications with researchers, scripters, coders and analysts

Simply put, we have the experience to help you succeed and reap the benefits of automation.

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