As a company, P2Sample has made respondent engagement and satisfaction one of our core tenets. We highlight the importance of this throughout our recent eBook “The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: How to Select a Sample Supplier.” As researchers, none of us should underestimate the impact of engaged and happy respondents on data quality. But how do buyers make sure that their sample suppliers are truly on board?

Suppliers must be vigilant in their efforts to minimize disengagement, using every tool at their disposal to ensure accuracy and pay attention to detail on the back end. With problems like router bouncing and more that create negative user experiences, suppliers must directly manage the process in field to stop bad experiences.

Some suppliers make a minimal effort on this front by kicking out mobile studies for non-mobile respondents, and similar more superficial attempts, but there is more to be done. To make inroads toward better engagement, we must start using technology to proactively manage experiences in field. This can include everything from employing automation to spot trouble in field — trouble which can be algorithmically identified by using things like low complete rates and even user-generated survey ratings.

Engagement can also improve when suppliers take advantage of the millions of data points that are available to them. Using this data, backed by automated algorithms, surveys can be targeted appropriately so users spend less time trying to qualify for a study and find a faster path to a good experience. This kind of forward-thinking approach can help boost engagement and satisfaction, while also eliminating avoidable delays and weird data that only become apparent once the project is complete.

As a buyer, you need to find out if your supplier is actively managing engagement in field. If not, then be wary of their commitment level to their respondents. Buyers should ask suppliers how their routers work, how they deal with qualification, how they measure bad experiences and what they do to prevent them. Often an indication of weakness is a lack of automation to manage experience.

When you start putting respondent engagement first, starting with your supplier selection, you are well on your way to better quality data.


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