What if you had a single interface where you could efficiently and easily manage all things panel and sample? That’s exactly what P2Sample’s fully-integrated, fully-automated solution for panel management and fieldwork offers. This sophisticated platform empowers users to take advantage of built-in automation to better manage everything from respondent recruitment through bidding and feasibility to project execution. 

P2Sample’s platform solves many common challenges in the industry, prioritizing flexibility, ease of use and proprietary tools to improve respondent experiences. Here are seven things the panel does to make your life easier when it comes to sample and panel management: 

Add all this to an intelligent pricing model that ensures clients never overpay for sample, contains no additional platform or software licensing fees, and has one competitive cost per complete, and you have a recipe for success. This platform gives users confidence in knowing they are getting data they can trust, along with the agility to stay ahead of a swiftly changing market.