We launch our #TIMETOLISTEN initiative with the release of our latest e-book.

Do you remember the first time you heard about sample problems in market research? I’m not talking about weird data that periodically crops up or the challenges one might face conducting low incidence work. I mean chronic challenges with participation and data quality, the kind that make you really sit up and take notice.

For me, this was 2007. My colleagues and I watched as participation rates steadily declined. There was something systematic afoot, something that was making it increasingly difficult and expensive to recruit panelists. 

It seems quaint now to think about that time. The year 2007 was practically the Stone Age: pre-social media, pre-iPhone, pre-distractions and notifications, and people watching time-shifted TV on public transport without headphones. Here we are in 2019 after all. Things are so much better now, aren’t they?! We’ve solved all those problems, haven’t we?! Sample is GREAT now, isn’t it?!

Sarcasm never translates well online, so forgive me for answering my own questions: no, no and no! It is twelve years, in my reckoning at least, since these issues became broadly visible and the industry is still struggling to come to grips with them. It was this reflection in a recent meeting at P2Sample that gave rise to a simple idea:


For the next several months, we will be examining ways in which companies, including P2Sample, have LISTENED to respondents, the lifeblood of our industry, and have fundamentally changed how they work. We all know what the problems are. Let’s start talking about the things people are doing to truly solve them and not just pay them lip service. We are calling it, naturally, the #TIMETOLISTEN campaign.

We are launching the campaign with our newest e-book, The New Reality of Online Sample.” In our conversations with clients and suppliers, we find that many smart people have a very antiquated view of how sample recruitment and engagement works. Because of this, they regularly make decisions that work against their own interests. The e-book explains, simply and without jargon, how sample works in the digital age and what it means for researchers, project managers and executives.

  • Understand why invite-driven research panels are effectively dead, and how recruitment in the broader digital ecosystem has changed everything about fraud mitigation and respondent engagement—and how to keep up
  • Learn why suppliers don’t want to hear about frequently-fictional incidence rates and are focusing on the more important metric of conversion rate, plus how they are using technology to streamline and improve the experience
  • Discover how programmatic sampling has completely transformed the supplier landscape from self-contained islands into an automated and integrated network, and what that means for adding vendors to projects
  • Peek into what’s coming next for the sample space, such as increasing concerns surrounding privacy, consumer data protection and usage, and expansion into the broader digital ecosystem

Stay tuned over the coming months as we go into greater detail on this important subject. We will be looking at everything from survey design to field management. We hope you enjoy the book and the campaign.

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