**“This article first appeared in the October-November 2018 edition – Research without Researchers: AI & New technologies –  of the Australian Market and Social Research Society’s publication Research News”


Automation technology can create efficiencies and lower costs, alongside improvement of data quality. This creates massive benefits for suppliers, buyers and respondents. But how can sample companies implement this technology properly? In a recent article in the technology issue of the Australian Market & Social Research Society’s Research News magazine, JD Deitch outlines a few of the ways panel and sample companies can use automation to improve data quality.

In the article, which is included in its entirety below, JD talks about the impact that automation can make in the following areas:

  • Promoting great respondent experiences and shutting down the bad. Respondent datapoints can be used to in real-time to route people to the right surveys AND identify studies that are performing well or poorly. Check the full article for how using this data to significantly improve satisfaction, reduce overquotas and raise recontact and retention rates.
  • Understanding and implementing APIs that work. Sample companies should be well-versed in custom APIs to programmatically exchange project specifications to quotas to demographics and hundreds of profile points between supply and demand partners.

  • Monitoring and resolving issues in real time. Automation can allow sample companies to constantly monitor each and every project, detecting anomalies instantly. This can mean everything from closing quotas automatically as they fill, quickly and efficiently ensuring projects remain on track, to raising alarms when they are not. In a manual environment, problems usually aren’t detected until it’s too late, and everyone–respondents, buyers and suppliers–suffers. Efficiency and dependability soar under automation.
  • Truly battling fraud. Combining traditional methods with advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) can help to battle the newest wave of technologically savvy fraudsters.

He concludes: “The bottom line is that sample companies must start automating all processes, using a comprehensive and disciplined approach.”


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