This time of year usually means a mad scramble, wrapping up a busy season and prepping for a new year. In the sample space, Q4 is undoubtedly our busiest. Keeping up with fast-paced client needs and delivering quality data is top of mind for everyone on our team. How do we do it?

By going programmatic, of course. If, as a buyer, you are dreading how your sample providers might let you down by running out of sample, failing to spot issues on critical projects or are slow about delivering important reports, then this tip is for you. A programmatic approach can solve all these issues and more, fast.

Our approach takes years of domain experience and builds it right into our system from start to finish efficiency. In fact, with the recent launch of our feasibility API, we now offer the industry’s only programmatic panel and sample management platform that is maximally automated, from end-to-end. For you this means:

  • Completely automated sample bidding, feasibility, and delivery, with simple setup and rock-solid reliability.
  • Predictive algorithms for time to completion, all monitored automatically in real-time. This means problems are signaled instantaneously for immediate review and remediation. No need to “check the report” to see if a project has fallen over dead!
  • The industry’s only AI-enabled fraud detection and targeting solutions, plus respondent engagement that has been proven better than some of the industry’s biggest names.

Going programmatic doesn’t mean that we wash our hands and walk away. The best implementations of automation are married with the intuitive expertise that only humans can offer. In this hybrid approach, our long-tenured experts are able to quickly act to rectify any issues after being signaled by the machine powering our platform. Because they have a deep knowledge of systems and processes, they are able to communicate exactly what’s going on behind the scenes on every project.

In addition, the close involvement of our developers allow them to constantly make advancements to systems and APIs, working as a team for continuous improvement. We also think transparency is core to project success, including surrounding operating metrics and on-time delivery.

So what’s the ONE THING you need to do before the end of the year? Work with an automated vendor like P2Sample. You will find clear benefits in utterly reliable service, dependability across the board (even if YOU are still manually executing), and flawless execution. Put all those worries to bed for the new year!