Earlier week, our team split up to attend two leading industry conferences: SampleCon in Austin Texas and Quirk’s London.

Quirk’s London 2019

At Quirk’s (the popular conference’s first foray outside the United States), we came away with a sense of time well spent. Great conversations with colleagues, clients and potential clients were topped off by a full house for our presentation “Buyer Beware: A Critical Look at Automated Survey Research Platforms” with Jamie Shacklock from Zappi.

Location and venue are things that many people don’t prioritize when it comes to conferences, but these two things can contribute a great deal to an event’s overall success. At Quirk’s, both were excellent. The venue had good energy, featuring a large exhibit hall and gorgeous views from the hotel over the Thames.

The event itself was executed smoothly, and we all appreciated the ease-of-use the Klik badges and show app gave us for downloading contacts and notes. As per usual, snacks and food were snapped up by attendees quickly and, as the show grows, the organizers will likely boost their food order to accomodate hungry patrons.  


SampleCon 2019

While London went well, the members of our team who went to Austin definitely won the jackpot on show fun, with our fearless marketing coordinator, Veronica Burman, taking home a prize in the sponsored armadillo races. Nocturnal omnivorous mammals aside, the show was a big success for our team on the business front as well.

Our VP of Business Development Garrett Gil de Rubio served on a lively, thought provoking panel, “Transform or Fail: How You Can Join the Race to Automate”,  alongside speakers from Cint, iGain, Qmee and moderator Eli Ackerman from Lucid. The launch of the P2Sample platform created some buzz and the team had several meetings discussing this new and exciting solution, which was well received.

As the leading show in the sample space, SampleCon often feels like a reunion where we connect with colleagues and examine new innovations in the industry. The venue in Austin wasn’t so shabby either, with numerous places to conduct both planned and impromptu meetings (including a 7th floor bar).

Until next year!