First of all, the team at P2Sample would like to congratulate the GreenBook team for pulling off the largest IIeX in the history of the conference. The crowds brought palpable excitement to all the sessions, the show floor and all the other activities, creating a great atmosphere for collaboration, innovation and new ideas.

Presentations spanned the gamut, with speakers talking about new methods and techniques including automation and video. By far, the most talked about “next big thing” at the conference was blockchain. While many attendees had differing opinions as to whether it is hope or hype, the ensuing discussions were lively and eye-opening. Blockchain firmly took its place on center stage when MeasureProtocol, a blockchain solution for human data, won the 2018 Insight Innovation Competition.

A highlight of the conference was the Women in Research (WIRe) networking event on Tuesday evening. The event, which sold out early, brought people together who represented all levels of experience in the market research industry, from seasoned executives to young researchers. It’s also important to note that women speakers and panelists were well-represented at the IIeX Conference as a whole – we believe this is thanks in no small part to WIRe’s 50/50 Initiative.

Other highlights included good weather in Atlanta, great local food and a lot of innovative market research companies seeing success. Looking forward to the next one!