Each year, we underline our company-wide commitment to engagement and experience by awarding our clients with the P2Sample “Respondent Experience Awards.” These awards are driven by direct respondent feedback where survey experiences are rated for things like ease of use, overall enjoyment and design.

Some of our top winners included the companies listed below. Each of them received 4.6 and greater rating (out of 5) in total user satisfaction.

GreenChef: Offering organic ingredients for cooking healthy and flavorful meals in the Western and Central United States, Green Chef delivers meal kits directly to client homes.  Based in Denver, the company focuses on “eating well” and features programs to fit meal plans for people following diets related to keto, paleo, vegan, and more.

Dumbstruck: One of the leading emotion analytics companies in the world, Dumbstruck uses AI-powered facial coding to measure the emotional and behavioral impact of video advertisements on consumers. The company works with global brands, media agencies, and communications firms, giving them the ability to make better informed media and creative decisions.

Cars.com: An established classified site for the automotive industry, cars.com provides a two-sided digital marketplace that creates meaningful connections between buyers and sellers. The site not only includes listings of new and used cars, but also has partnered with industry leaders to provide content, rankings and reviews that allow consumers to make educated purchase decisions.

Machinima: Owned by WarnerMedia, Machinima is a multiplatform online entertainment network known for its large YouTube gaming platform. Machinima is an artform utilizing video-game technology to create animation, and the company features programming centered around this technique, video game culture, comic books and fandom.

Honorable mentions for some of the other companies that showed a commitment to respondent experience include:

Mind Genomics: Helping companies identify what to say, how to say it and to whom, Mind Genomics provides a solution to uncover how people truly feel and how they will actually behave. Rather than relying on inaccurate self-reported data or predictive guessing, its solution cuts through traditional demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation with a process that is straightforward, portable and scalable.

eCGlobal Panel: This panel is part of eCGlobal Solutions, which has developed an innovative, cloud-based technology platform for consumer collaboration, combining social media, communities, mobile, gamification, surveys and big data analytics. This market research solution helps clients focus on actionable consumer insights to improve their business, products and services.

Great job! We are proud to work with each one of you.