Have you checked out our new guide for evaluating sample in the digital age? In the “THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE: How to Select a Sample Supplier”, we cover a series of “buyer tips”, each of which we’ll be covering in depth on our blog in the coming weeks.

Today’s tip is about Profiling. Profiling uses key demographics about respondents to make sure that they are the right individuals to participate in a study. When panel is properly managed, it is possible to develop deep and rich profiles with literally hundreds of demographics and behaviors, reaping immense benefits across the board. All profiling is not conducted equally, but when it is, buyers, respondents AND suppliers all benefit.

For buyers, deep profiling ultimately leads to better data. This is because deep profiles allow suppliers to match the right respondents to the right survey. Respondents have a better experience and are thus more likely to accurately and quickly complete a study. Deep profiles are in suppliers’ best interest as well because they boost conversion rates and lower costs. But these benefits can only be realized if the profile data points are put to use in field through APIs so that respondents aren’t asked questions which aren’t relevant for a study or for which suppliers already have data. This is commonly called “dynamic profiling” and it’s less time-consuming and less intrusive for the user.

We encourage buyers to ask their suppliers about the demographic and behavioral profile data they capture and how exactly they are used in execution. A good supplier will have a strong commitment to automation and APIs. These enabling technologies are essential for deploying profiling data to properly target respondents, improve user experience and yield more accurate data. In short, putting these practices to use creates efficiencies and benefits for everyone engaged in the research process, both on the buyer and supplier sides, as well as for the all-important respondent. The result? Solid insights for business decision making.

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