It’s not a secret, advertisers share the same goal as publishers. They want to see the advertising offer convert and convert often. Publishers want to monetize their audience and advertisers want that method of monetization to come from their offer. Both parties have a vested interest in the end result. So how should publishers get the best out of an offer? Well start by asking the advertiser directly.

No one knows the ins and outs of the offer like the people managing the product. Just as no one knows your traffic and users like you do. User acquisition is expensive and we understand that and want you to make a profit off of your media spend. Don’t blindly test an offer, get insights into the best ways of promoting it. This not only means taking care of the basics, like offering a good incentive, but it also means getting feedback into how other publishers are making the offer work.

The goal is conversion. One often overlooked way to boost conversion is by allowing advertisers to optimize traffic flow and use their expertise to connect consumers with the right offer. In the case of market research, this means allowing advertisers to match users with surveys that are the best fit for that user at that moment. By using the right technology, such as machine learning techniques that analyze massive numbers of data points, creating this match becomes accurate and effective. This is a better model than simply allowing users to do the matchmaking.

Why? Users look for the highest payout, but in almost all cases the highest payout is not the best value for the user. The best offer or survey is often the one that converts the highest, taking into consideration the time it takes to complete and the reciprocated incentive to the user. How do you get your campaign on the right track? The best approach is to work with your advertiser and be upfront with your performance metric goals, test the offer, then optimize.

How to optimize:

  • Launch to set baseline metrics – This will provide a feel for how your traffic responds to the offer. Every traffic source and user reacts differently.
  • Open line of communication  – Again, clarifying your performance goals, and relaying that information to your campaign manager will give you both a goal to target.  
  • Review decline reasons – Look into the details. What is getting in the way of conversion?
  • Deeper integration implementation – This can double your conversion rate. Removing barriers and adding your advertiser’s security protocols will have a positive influence on conversion, reduce unnecessary entries, and reduce risk of reversal.
  • Review metrics – Circle back with your campaign manager on how you are doing versus the goal you set for the campaign.
  • Report dashboard insights. – You need access to a portal where you can pull your real-time reports whenever you need them.

This approach can really work. In fact, in one situation, we were able to work closely with a large partner to boost their conversion rates and Earnings per Entry (EPE) significantly. The partner started with a conversion rate of 7.83% (EPE of $0.10) with unique conversions at 9.7% (EPE of $0.14). We were able to bring their unique conversion rate up to 23.68% (EPE of $0.62) and their conversion rate up to 18.63% (EPE of $0.49).

How was this kind of increase possible? By using our expertise in building APIs and optimizing API integrations, we can better monetize your traffic. A simple integration with our platform gives you exposure to massive inventory that translates into proven and constant earning opportunities for your traffic. By combining our expert consulting and closely-monitored optimization with insight into user behaviors and demographics, user experiences improve and so do conversions. Our advanced algorithms match users with surveys that provide the best potential earnings for each individual.

Our supply team is excited about the opportunity to help you monetize your traffic more effectively. You can find out more about us at or simply click here to contact us now.