In Research & Results Magazine’s international issue, distributed last month at ESOMAR Congress, JD Deitch writes about data quality problems in the market research industry and how sample and panel companies can start to combat them. While the problems are complex, and must be addressed at multiple stages along the research process, there’s much room for improvement when it comes to panel.

He writes: “Panel companies share culpability for quality issues–this is indisputable…Sampling is a fundamental pillar of what we do as market researchers, and yet many lack confidence in panel and sample companies to uphold their end of the bargain and provide the foundation for quality insights.”

The article goes on to outline a few of the things that sample suppliers – and buyers – can start to consider in order to start positively affecting quality.

  • Implement automation on multiple levels. When properly used, this technology can give us far more than time savings but can also boost reliability, efficiency, global reach and feasibility, and dependability.
  • Start focusing on respondent experiences, and go one step beyond by refusing to abuse and mistreat them. He writes that panel companies can take concrete steps to protect respondents from bad experiences by monitoring projects in field, making sure engagement is high and even “through automation and alerts, push bad surveys out of field.”  
  • Battle fraud using more than just traditional techniques, and instead combine static detection methods (e.g. Captcha, honeypots, address and email validations, trap questions and open-ended questions) with more advanced and dynamic solutions, like artificial intelligence.  

JD concludes that, “It is up to all of us to pay better attention to the areas in which we can start to make an impact, and step by step work together to improve and gain quality insights.”

For the complete article, see page 42 of the 2018 International issue of Research & Results Magazine, available in full here: