Here at P2Sample, we’re big proponents of using automation as much as possible to improve processes, experiences and, most importantly, data quality. JD Deitch recently wrote about this in depth, breaking down the “10 Ways Sample Companies Should be Using Automation” in an article on the Greenbook Blog. 

There’s no better way to encourage you to read this piece and understand the importance of this technology than to share with you the editor’s note for the article:

“Editor’s Intro: Survey research is increasingly challenged to be better, faster and cheaper. Automation of sample is one important tool to help the industry get there. JD provides a great overview of where we are with sample automation, argues that it is underutilized, and gives a vision of how the industry can do much better than it is right now. This is a timely, important article for survey researchers to read and take action on.”

We agree, of course. Never have the benefits of automation been so significant and within reach for every aspect of the online research process. The benefits go beyond the greater efficiency and lower costs; they enable suppliers to deliver better data and agility for clients. From respondent satisfaction all the way to effective fraud mitigation, “using this technology to its full potential can help to build true efficiencies that result in better quality from start to finish.”

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