Recently, we contributed to an annual column in Quirk’s, one of the largest media providers in the market research industry, called “Faces of Marketing Research.” Originally designed to highlight individual visionaries in the space, we took a little different approach to the piece. Instead of focusing on one individual, we wrote about the real faces of market research: respondents. And our new #timetolisten initiative was born.

In the article, we touch on a history of poor respondent experience in the industry, and issue a call to others to start making improvements now. We write about respondents: “If we’re honest, these individuals should be front and center when we’re talking about the ‘faces of marketing research.’” As a supplier, P2Sample has implemented quite a few measures already to boost respondent engagement and experience, including:

  • Proactively managing experiences in field by using dozens of field statistics to algorithmically identify trouble such as low complete rates and monitor user-generated survey ratings.
  • Analyzing the millions of available respondent data points in order to target surveys appropriately, matching users with studies for which they qualify. The right survey for the right person at the right time.
  • Detecting dissatisfied users who have consistently been routed to bad surveys and help retain them by directing them to highly rated, easy-to-complete surveys to boost satisfaction.
  • Identifying hidden quotas to present the study only to the appropriate, qualifying audience, even when correct parameters were not provided up front.
  • Examining multiple layers of user data to determine consistent habits, like completion rates overlaid with times of the week, in order to optimize delivery of appropriate surveys.

While all of these methods are important, we believe it will take everyone in the industry – researchers, suppliers, project managers and more – in order to create real change. Our new e-book dives into these issues in depth, and you’ll see more over the coming months from us about how it is truly #timetolisten.