It’s hard to embrace change when you are running a tracker or normed study. Yet, making the move to programmatic sampling and automation can help reduce costs and improve speed.  What if you could make the change to find these efficiencies while preserving trends and norms? JD Deitch discusses this topic in his recent article on the Insights Association blog: “Free Up People, Money & Time by Making Your Tracker Programmatic.”

In the article, he maintains that going programmatic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice reliability or breakdown trends and norms. Automation can:

  • Replace error-prone human labor by faster, always-on machines for huge efficiency gains, cost reduction and improved speed
  • Free up the time of human experts for insights discovery and value creation
  • Improve consistency in research execution and data stability significantly
  • Boost response quality – if automation is fully built out, it can reduce fraud, improve the respondent experience and yield better data

The key to make the path to programmatic work is solid up-front planning. Identifying specific challenges and goals, taking the time to map and maintain data fields through advanced APIs, putting respondents first and using automation to its fullest potential are some of the things to consider for success. “The bottom line? Take a thoughtful, carefully planned approach to programmatic sampling and you can get better quality data, faster and cost effectively with your tracker.”

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