Last week some members of our team attended what some people are calling the “Indian Samplecon.” The MR Tech Hub “MR 2.0 – The Future of Market Research” event in India last week tripled in size compared to its 2017 event – going from 87 attendees to more than 300. The one-day event was well organized and packed with sessions that were pertinent to the state of the industry today.

One of the goals of the event is to bring the market research industry in India forward and align it with the more technologically advanced space in the Western world. They say “Most of the research in India is still being done through conventional methods and age old offline techniques…there is a need to go for a Hybrid Research Method, which optimizes the power of both online and offline Techniques for data collection and analysis.”

Just a few of the topics that were discussed, by speakers from the market research, data science and technology industries, included:

  • The evolution of online research, from the introduction of routers to programmatic to artificial intelligence
  • GDPR compliance issues
  • Online vs traditional survey methodologies
  • Automated tools for interpreting data and presenting reports
  • Client interactions, both from a services and DIY standpoint

We had a great time meeting people we’ve worked with in person and putting names to faces, as well as connecting with old colleagues. With plenty of time for networking, MRTechWeb 2018 was well worth our attendance to be part of the discussion in India surrounding the challenges and opportunities for the industry in the age of changing technological advancement and digital disruption.