We’re starting off a busy year of market research conferences with one of our favorites: Quirk’s West. The event, which is fairly new as far as conferences go, has solidified its place in the “must do” lineup because it is oriented to serve client practitioners. Quirk’s West, as well as its east counterpart (coming up in February), builds on Quirk’s reputation as a solid source of information and best practices for our industry.

Not only is our Atlanta based team looking forward to some SoCal weather in the midst of what has been an unusually cold winter for them, but we are all also excited to hear about some of the big changes taking place in the market research space. From the challenge of cross-platform measurement to understanding myriad influences on buyer journeys, all the way to the essential questions surrounding techniques for collecting accurate data from real and engaged people – there’s a lot to learn. 

As a company, we have always focused on the concepts and solutions that empower researchers to be more effective and efficient. In light of this, here are a few of the sessions we are looking forward to:


How Automation Can Drive Business Decision-Making at the Speed of Digital
Tuesday, January 30
Room 2

How to Disrupt Your Organization Before You Get Disrupted
Tuesday, January 30
Room 2


*WED, JAN 31ST:*

Innovate or Die: Channeling Your Inner Research MacGyver
Wednesday, January 31
Room 2

The Most Significant Change in 2018: New Organizational Structures
Wednesday, January 31, 10:00am-10:30
Room 3.

But beyond all the great educational sessions, we know why we’re all really going to this event. Yes, P2Sample is sponsoring the opening night party. We know that there is no group of people who can party like market researchers, so we’re excited to host everyone from 8:30pm to 10pm at the Hotel Irvine Red Bar. Make sure to say hello to Garrett Gil de Rubio, our head of sales, and Jennifer Fraguada, from our business development team. Hope to see you there.