Today, we announced an exciting new step in the evolution of P2Sample: the release of our new platform. With this release, we are changing the way we serve the consumer insights industry by becoming more than just a sample provider. Our new solution provides one platform that clients and agencies can use to manage all their panels and sample suppliers. For the full article, visit here.


Q: What does it mean?
A: It means that we are essentially acting as the single interface for sample when you run a project, blending both proprietary and third party sources as needed, including the major exchanges and marketplaces and some of the industry’s biggest panels.


Q: So are you then becoming an exchange or a marketplace?
A: Well, we are aggregating sample and panel sources but that’s where the similarities end. There are a couple of major differences. First and foremost is our approach to quality. Unlike the others, we collect PII (personally identifiable information) and deep profiling information on every panelist that crosses our doorstep. We built custom fingerprinting technology that uses this data, as well as machine characteristics (and dozens of other factors), to create a unique account on our platform. We won’t have multiple accounts for an individual that may be part of multiple panels, which means more accurate deduplication and feasibility estimates. All of this also feeds into our AI-based fraud detection algorithms. In effect, this means that we are applying our state-of-the-art quality measures consistently across suppliers.


Q: Wow – that is different from the exchanges and marketplaces. You have PII and profile information. Doesn’t this get you in hot water with other suppliers? What about GDPR?
A: In terms of our relationship with other sample and panel companies, we provide sample for many of them already. It is not uncommon for companies to have reciprocal arrangements. As for GDPR, it does create responsibilities for us, but we are fully compliant and take strict approach to data protection.


Q: Let’s continue what you were saying about quality. It sounds like you are applying your practices across all suppliers. Is that right?
A: Yes, that’s exactly right. Every company has different approaches, some better than others.

Moreover, when you are a sample buyer, if you have a quality problem you typically have to take it up with the supplier directly. What we are doing here is saying “We will take responsibility for quality. If you have a problem, you talk to us and only us. We’ll fix it.”



Q: Are you using your own panel first so that other suppliers are penalized for participating?
A: No way – we do not do this. The rest of the industry works this way. We work differently: we start with the respondent first – and find the survey that matches. In fact, we’ve developed our own proprietary approach for this called Right Survey. Right Person. Right Time.℠  This targeting system uses our rich profile data to match surveys with respondents to maximize the likelihood of qualification and completion given the study’s targeting criteria. Our platform knows immediately when quotas are closed and uses stored profile data to avoid repetitive screening. Just recently, we began using machine learning to improve our efforts, resulting in a significant decrease of dropouts and overquotas and more completes.


Q: What about ease of use? That’s always a concern.
A: Good question. We have spent a lot of time working on the interface, but actually even an intuitive interface can be hard to use if the underlying system is complicated. This is where we really shine. Our system is automated to such an extent that you can get a study up and running in less than 10 minutes. You enter setup info, set quotas, and press go.


Q: How does it compare cost-wise?
A: We will not be charging platform fees or licensing fees. Users will have a single, very competitive CPI. We want to have a system where we make money when our clients make money, rather than having them pay up front. We can make this work, and we can do it even while offering to develop an API for free if need be.

One thing we are very excited about is our new Smart Pricing feature. It will allow platform clients to save money on sample when our hard costs are lower than expected. In effect, we are returning some of our margin, which we can do given the extent to which we have automated our business. We believe that this feature, combined with our global reach, quality and ease of use, will be very compelling for sample buyers, and that the ensuing adoption will more than compensate for it.


Q: You are doing the development for free? Doesn’t that take long and cost a lot of money?
A: Despite our growth, our development process remains extremely efficient and fast. We have become specialists in API development and we recognize it is essential to our success. By offering this for free, we can apply our expertise to get up and running smoothly and quickly, which also reduces the risk for our clients. It makes a lot of sense for us.


Q: Why are you doing it?
A: P2Sample started out 12 years ago with two key foundational drivers: to capitalize on the advances in technology to create efficiencies in our space and to ensure an excellent experience for everyone. When we shifted from performance marketing specialists to focus on the market research industry, we held fast to these beliefs endured and set out to change the way the industry approaches sample.

Our experiences have shown that this was the right approach. Our offering is maximally automated, from end-to-end. From respondent recruitment through bidding and feasibility to project execution, our AI-enabled tools set the standard for operational efficiency while maintaining an unparalleled respondent experience. The result? Much better outcomes for our clients, heightened respondent engagement and massive growth for our company.


This newly launched platform takes these foundational premises to the next level. It allows greater access for researchers who are looking for to ensure quality and dependability while being fast and cost effective. It provides the same powerful combination of tools that we’ve developed to run our own business – all unified in a single platform. It is the natural next step to achieve our goals for automation and efficiencies in the sample space. We are proud to offer this to our clients.