A couple of weeks ago, we announced the launch of our new intuitive, sophisticated platform which offers a fully-integrated, fully-automated solution for panel management and fieldwork. This was a big move! Understandably, the launch spurred some questions from our colleagues, partners and clients, many of which we discussed in person at the recent SampleCon event in Austin.

Many people have shown interest in how this new launch will affect our partnerships with some of the other sample platforms in the industry. Rest assured that we will continue these existing relationships. We have no intention of withdrawing from those partnerships and will fully support our client needs on that front, as we always have.

We created this new platform to address the needs and feedback of several of our clients. Our investments in technology, including maximum automation, fraud mitigation and respondent experience means that we are ideally positioned to create an offering like this.

The new P2Sample platform has many benefits, including a complete sample management solution that gives users flexibility, ease of use and a single interface manage proprietary panels, sample suppliers and fieldwork. It also gives users access to our global audience of more than 50 million respondents, applying the industry’s most advanced automation and proprietary tools to improve respondents’ experiences. Want a complete list of all the features? Check it out here.

As always, one of our pillars as a company is superior client service. This means that we will support our clients on any platform that they choose, including, but not limited to our new solution. Rest assured, we maintain friendly relationships with all your favorite platforms, both as a buyer and a supplier.

Want to find out more? We have answers to other common questions about the platform and its functionality here.