Even though we all attended the busy, action-packed Quirk’s Event in Chicago together last week, we all had different takes on the value and highlights of the conference. It was interesting to hear some of the feedback from our attending team members, who each had a different take on the highlights of the event. However, a few consistent themes ran through their summaries of the event: the P2Sample sponsored Jam session was a key highlight, the opportunity to engage and connect with other attendees was valuable and Chicago was the perfect location. Here are our team members thoughts:

Garrett, VP Business Development:
“For a first-time appearance in Chicago, this Quirk’s event was well-attended and the vendor/exhibition hall was optimally organized with a great layout. Our booth had good traffic, and our whole team was able to have quality conversations with current clients and potential new customers. Many people were asking us questions and engaging with us about automation and our platform. I attended the Women in Research (WIRe) special event, which provided an intimate kick-off to the conference. Like the rest of the team, the Jam session was a highlight for me with lots of fun dancing and drinks courtesy of P2Sample! The conference location at Navy Pier was both unique and beautiful, with fantastic views of both the city and Lake Michigan. Chicago was beautiful!”

Phillip, Business Development Manager:
“I had some great conversations surrounding automation’s impact on our business, as well as the opportunities in AI, DIY, quality and personalization. Because the conference had a wide mix of attendees, there were quite a few people we spoke with who hadn’t previously heard about P2Sample’s offerings. Of course, we were also able to reconnect with familiar faces. I felt that the show was executed well from a logistical standpoint and there was positive energy throughout the event. I enjoyed exploring both the venue and surrounding neighborhood, and especially enjoyed the jam session for some laid-back fun at the show. Chicago is awesome!

Jaceey, Business Development Manager:
“I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, clients and partners; having some in-depth and engaging conversations with quality attendees at the show. The Chicago conference had a different feel and a different crowd, including many individuals with niche specialties in market research, such as dashboards, offline research and more.  Our booth placement in the exhibit hall was ideal, and gave us a good amount of foot traffic. Nice to hear amazing feedback about what we are doing at P2Sample on an international scale, our new platform, DIY tool, and our links to smaller firms. The jam session was great: people let their guard down, danced, chatted and gave more a human side to the conference.”

Veronica, Marketing Coordinator:
“If anyone saw the P2Sample instagram account during the show, it was easy to tell how enamoured I was with Chicago and all the fun happenings during the conference. We kicked off at the WIRe event, which wrapped up thoughtful conversations and connections with a great spread, fun neon martini glasses in a funky little bar. I had a wonderful time meeting new friends and scoping out the other booths on the exhibit hall floor (I’m just a little competitive) to see about winning some fun prizes. Plenty of opportunities to network and talk with everyone, plus longer sessions with breaks gave everyone time to reset in between learning opportunities. The jam session gave us an opportunity to see MRX pros out of their typical element and really showing off their passions and talents (like dance moves). Wrap it all up with a cool location that gave a good feel of the city and a spectacular view, and the Quirk’s Event Chicago was time very well spent.”


Quirk’s, we had an unforgettable time at all three of your events this year, can’t wait until 2020!