We hope you’re enjoying the monthly profiles we’ve been publishing on our team members, asking them a series of common and uncommon questions so you can get to know our team. This month, we talked with Pratyush Sinha who has been a Bids Manager for our P2Sample team since 2013. 

Pratyush spends most of his days quoting the very best CPI (cost per interview) with full feasibility, and he’s passionate about winning as many projects as possible. While he doesn’t listen to music while he’s working he does enjoy singing (see video below!) and you can find him sometimes sipping a cup of tea. 


What is the one thing you can’t live without daily?
Being HAPPY!!!

If you could become an imaginary/fantasy creature, what would it be and why?
SPIDERMAN..with great power comes great responsibility..my favorite. 

What’s your favorite thing(s) to do when you aren’t working (hobbies)?
I enjoy singing and I even have a karaoke machine at home. I won first prize in this karaoke event:  https://youtu.be/CMp6OUSM1g0

Tell us about your family.
I love spending time with my loving wife, Kiran, and my angel daughter, Oviya.

Who is your spirit animal and why?
The White Barn Owl is a symbol of wealth and wisdom in Hindu mythology and ancient scriptures, so I consider it my “spirit animal.” 

Where’s homebase?
I currently live and work in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, which is part of the National Capital Region, a central planning region centered upon the National Capital Territory (NCT) in India. It encompasses the entire NCT of Delhi and several districts surrounding it from the states of Haryana, Uttar, Pradesh and Rajasthan.

What is/are your favorite thing(s) about working for P2Sample?
I enjoy working from home with discipline, integrity and trust, all with the full support from my team and company as a whole.