In this employee interview series, we introduce you to a new member of our staff each month. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our diverse, global team! In November, we sat down with Jennifer Fraguada, who has served as our Director of Strategic Accounts for the past two and a half years, to find out a little bit more about what she does when she’s working – and when she’s not working.

What do you like most about your job? I’ve always been interested in how people think and how they make decisions, and market research as a lens into some of that knowledge.

While you’re working, you probably do things like snacking and listening to music. Tell us more! While I work I listen to all sorts of music. I enjoy a steady stream of R&B, Pop, and Latin beats, but you’ll occasionally find classical tracks make it into my playlists. These tunes are often accompanied by me munching on fruits and vegetables throughout the day. If I have time, I like dehydrating fruits and making my own healthy fruit roll-ups. 

Do you enjoy traveling? What’s the best place you’ve been lately?  I love to travel. I’ve been to 27 countries and am always looking forward to the next one. One of the most interesting places I visited this year was Marrakech. It was amazing to see such a bustling city amidst historic architecture. (And the food was as good as one would imagine.) I want to take another trip before the year is up, even if it’s just a weekend getaway. Seeing new places makes me feel revitalized and satisfies my curiosity/ thirst for knowledge. Eventually, I’d really like to visit Japan to experience the culture, gorge on the cuisine, and immerse in its natural beauty.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work? When I’m not visiting new places and countries, I’m testing out recipes and have even dabbled in making my own deodorants, body lotions and cleaning products in hopes of leading a greener lifestyle. I also enjoy spending time with my family, including my parents, in-laws, siblings and nephews. 

What is one thing you hope never changes? I hope my favorite pizza shop (probably in the world) stays open forever. It’s called Three Boys from Italy and it’s in the Bronx, NY. As a kid, I used to go here a couple times a week and enjoy a slice. A few years back, it burned down in a fire. Luckily, it was rebuilt. Anytime I’m in the city visiting friends/family I try to make a stop here.

What do you like about living in Boston? I’m 100% a city person and the suburban life just isn’t for me. I like everything I can conceive of doing, eating or buying is a literal stone’s throw away. I can’t imagine living in a world where it takes longer to get somewhere, find something, or access information than it does now. I’ve bounced around between New York and Los Angeles, and my brief stint in more rural Connecticut just solidified my commitment to the city.

Do you have a quote/statement in life you tend to follow? “Don’t worry, everything is going to be amazing.” I saw it on a billboard in LA while sitting in traffic and pondering life, and it’s stuck with me ever since.