Billed as the most important change in data protection history, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was developed by the European Union to help protect private information and align laws surrounding data privacy in Europe. This new law provides EU citizens with specific rights and control regarding their personal information, the data collected, and how it is secured and processed. Companies who do business in the EU, and deal with any personal or private information, must comply with the new regulations by May 25, 2018.


At P2Sample, we are committed to protecting personal information and user privacy. We have always implemented and invested in advanced security and privacy measures, and will continue to do so. The requirements for GDPR place new, significant obligations on any company that handles data from EU citizens. Rest assured, we have been preparing for this change for quite a while and will be in compliance when the changes take effect in May.


Customer privacy and data security is important to us. With our global reach and sample across 150 countries around the world, complying with GDPR adds an extra layer of security for our customers’ data.


You can find out more information about the General Data Protection Regulation here.