Today’s the day we introduce you to another P2Sample team member: Tommy Day. With us for three years, Tommy serves as Director of Supply Acquisition, a role in which he addresses issues with suppliers and finds new supply resources. He loves knowing that his work increasing supply has a direct impact on overall company growth. His work is paying off! We’ve experienced tremendous, award-winning growth over the past few years. Here’s a little more about Tommy: 

What kind of music do you listen to while you are working? I’m not really one for listening to music in the office. If there’s a baseball day game on I may listen to that but I pretty much tune out anything that is on the office speakers.

What will we find you snacking on and drinking in the office? Coffee, lots of coffee. Girl Scout Cookie time is the best time of the year. When I blow through my boxes I can always count on the office to have plenty in the kitchen area. Pop some Thin Mint sleeves in the freezer and you have a delicious snack later.

What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working? My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my son, watch sports (Georgia football, Braves baseball, Falcons and Chiefs for NFL), golf (even though I’m not great), work on the 50+ semi-ideas for a novel which I’ll probably never actually pursue.

How different was your life one year ago? I got a lot more sleep before having a kid almost a year ago; a lot more money too.

What was the most memorable gift you’ve received?
My grandfather gave me a Bible that he had copied page by page every note he ever took. He had to use a magnifying glass to do so since his eyesight had gotten bad. He still had the most elegant handwriting. I have great eyesight and my handwriting looks like that of an eight-year-old.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? Bangkok, Thailand. We just had a conference there and it was more interesting than any place I’ve ever been. We went up to the top of our hotel and with 360 degree views all you can see is skyscrapers for miles and miles with no end in sight. The city had modern buildings with high end shopping but felt like a third world country in parts. The temples we visited were beautiful and sacred. You had to wear pants and be respectful meaning remove hats and be silent.

Who would be your spirit animal and why? I have put a lot of thought into this since I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd and my Patronus would be a bulldog. I’m a huge fan of UGA’s college football team the ‘Bulldogs’ or better known to the locals as the “Dawgs”. We may never win national championships but some of my favorite memories growing up were going to Athens with my dad, walking down the train tracks to the stadium and rooting for our team.

What is the luckiest thing that happened to you? I won a free massage and catering for our P2 office by submitting one of my business cards into a giveaway jar at Jersey Mike’s.

What do you hope never changes? My son’s love for the Friends’ opening credit song “I’ll Be There for You.” When he was about six months old he would bounce ferociously with a huge smile on his face in his bouncy seat every time we watched an episode on Netflix. Since then, whenever a new episodes starts while my wife and I binge he stops what he’s doing, smiles big, claps and rocks back and forth sort of dancing while looking at the T.V.