Alpharetta, GA (April 1, 2019) — P2Sample, an industry leader in technology-driven sample solutions, today announced the launch of its new facial coding algorithms that detect untruthful and disengaged respondents. The addition to its platform is a breakthrough and solves one of the industry’s principal issues with data quality.

“One of the greatest threats to our work arises when people begin to lie or satisfice or simply ‘space out’ when taking surveys. This new development puts an end to that by sending feedback through the person’s keyboard or screen. Our testing suggests indicates it is extremely effective in ending the undesired behavior,” said Mathijs de Jong, CEO of P2Sample.

The system works on a principle of severity and recidivism. For minor infractions, it delivers a mild vibration through the keyboard or screen, depending on the user’s device. Should the user’s behavior not change, the haptic response is increased in intensity and duration. For severe or repeated infractions, the system will deliver a 10 mA (milliamp) shock through the user’s device, which experts describe as the current which is the “beginning of sustained muscular contraction” or “can’t let go” current. While the system is now live across all P2Sample’s 150 geographies and 50+ million registered panelists, the intensity of vibrations and current amperage vary by country.

“We are very excited about this new technology, and especially for its promise in related areas. Our team is currently working on similar applications for researchers who write long, crappy questionnaires and clients who repeatedly delay research projects only to announce that the budget has been halved and they need final results tomorrow,” said de Jong.

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