We were recently excited to announce tremendous year-over-year revenue growth for the first half of the year – 62 percent growth in fact! With our survey completes growing at a comparable rate, we are on the path to 10 million completes by the end of this calendar year. Why such significant growth? Mathijs de Jong, our CEO, truly believes it is due in part to our commitment to technology.

He says: “We know that, as a sample supplier, we can have a significant impact on data quality for our clients, which is why we focus on bringing the most advanced solutions in automation and other new technologies to the table. Our continued growth is the result of this commitment. We’ve been able to help improve respondent satisfaction rates, reduce fraud and create efficiencies that result in better outcomes.”

With a global reach of 40+ million opted-in panel members across more than 150 countries, P2Sample specializes in providing respondents even in hard-to-reach demographics. This level of reach, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to sample in the digital age, has helped drive our growth this year. In addition, we unveiled our new DIY sample tool, P2Solo, which allows clients to harness the power of the P2Sample platform with a simple and intuitive interface.

For more on our recent growth, see our recent press release here.