In our June update, we touched on the topic of participant engagement and the importance of improving the participant experience as, alarmingly, “only a quarter of all participants globally are satisfied with their experience participating in research” (GRIT CPR 2017).

We recently partnered with the Global Business Research Network (GRBN) on their study Participant Engagement – How to Improve the Online Survey User Experience.” Although overall “people in panels” are satisfied with their experience, and most of their experiences are positive, 70% say they have had a bad experience recently, leading to negative perceptions about the brand being tested. 70%!

At P2Sample, participants are not just “people in panels.” We believe that participant experience and satisfaction is paramount to data quality. We assign every panelist a quality score- which increases for good behavior (detailed, thoughtful responses) and decreases for bad (speeding or straight lining). We also give every survey a “survey score” based on panelist satisfaction with the survey experience. A higher survey score means greater sample flow and more value for our clients.

How do you achieve a higher survey score? Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. As a client, go through the whole survey flow on both desktop and mobile before launch. This will point out most user experience issues and tedious repetitive portions of the survey.
  2. Involve your sample suppliers in pre-launch survey testing. Suppliers that understand their member base have valuable feedback that, if implemented, will have a positive effect on user experience as well as more accurate final survey results.
  3. Disclose additional requirements and quota’s up front so people don’t get disqualified at the end of a survey. Select your survey programming platform not just on pricing but also on user experience, some are clearly more user-friendly than others.

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To read the full GRBN report “Participant Engagement – How to Improve the Online Survey User Experience”, click here.