We’d all likely agree that the future of market research isn’t a gamble, but a sure thing as we continue a path of innovation, technology implementation and adapting to a changing ecosystem. Our colleagues at Cint participated first hand in some of these pithy discussions at The Market Research Event (TMRE) in Las Vegas last week. The annual conference is fashioned to arm attendees with the skill sets, toolkits and community support to ensure that insights drive bottom line impact.

A highlight of our time in Vegas was when Cint’s SVP of sales for the Americas, Katie Gross, presented with Cal Liddle of Zappi on how automation implementation can affect outcomes, as well as how it can speed up your process and data quality. The talk was well-received as automation, and its future role in the market research industry, is something that’s top of mind for most researchers.

There were several takeaways from the event that our team shared. Many of these warrant a closer look as we start to think about what 2020 has in store for the insights space, and how to make significant steps toward a better future. Some of these thoughts included: 

  • The idea that the industry is becoming data rich but knowledge poor. If we have all this data coming in, but aren’t transforming it into usable insights, then we are missing the boat. What are some ways we can make that leap? 
  • Poor survey design is STILL under discussion after all these years of leaders in the industry calling for change. These design issues have an ugly stepchild: poor results. This is nothing new, but is something that must be addressed to ensure data quality.
  • Technology is the future, but trying new things can be intimidating for most companies. There was encouragement at the event to evaluate new tools, test them out and adapt research processes to incorporate the efficiencies that the tools have to offer. 
  • Qualitative research at scale is a big topic of discussion, and how we can wield it to find the deeper human connections traditionally relegated to quant. Video capture and smart emotional and topical analysis of open-ended questions could be a start. 
  • Humans still have their place in this technology driven landscape. Hiring the right talent with “unbridled curiosity and a growth mindset” were just a few of the things brands like Procter & Gamble talked about when hiring in the market research space. 

All in all, we feel like we hit the jackpot when it came to innovative thinking and insightful discussions at this year’s TMRE show. We’ll see you there next fall!