Programmatic sampling is ready do more – much more. In an article on Research-Live, JD Deitch writes about how the new wave of programmatic goes far beyond basic efficiencies like cost and time savings, and is poised to change the industry from a reach, accuracy and data reliability standpoint. With this approach, he says that automation can transform the market research industry – if used correctly.

He writes: “This next generation of sampling, which I’ve dubbed ‘Programmatic 2.0’ promises to do what Web 2.0 did for the internet – improve reach, overall usability and interoperability. Put differently, Programmatic 2.0 can vastly improve the accuracy and reliability of our data and our operational dependability. As the industry continues to bemoan sample quality, the greatest irony may be that improvement lies in faster adoption of automation.”

Below are ways that he says the next wave of automation is set to transform online sampling.

  • Boosting respondent engagement by allowing them more control over their own experiences
  • Machine management of bidding, pricing and feasibility all the way to field monitoring
  • Using artificial intelligence functions to tackle fraud
  • Enabling acquisition/recruitment of panelists at scale

He goes on to cover the specifics on the positive impact that Programmatic 2.0 will have on the “product and process of online research” including heightened agility, quality, dependability and growth.

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