In a recent article on the Quirks blog, our CRO JD Deitch took a look at how marketing researchers can start to better understand the terms programmatic and automation as they apply to the MRX industry. Common functions in the advertising world, these concepts have some clear applications in the market research space. In the article, JD delves into some definitions and applications, such as how automation can improve things like:

  • Increasing visibility and transparency in order to inform decisions about where efficiencies can be achieved.
  • Boosting data mapping among disparate data sources for improved data quality
  • Judging survey quality based on the data points surrounding desired outcomes
  • Managing brand alignment to control placement with bad data or practices
  • Giving users greater control over their own experiences through standardized best practices
  • Creating a data centric approach to workflows from the inside out

These are just a few of the items we can start to examine in order to understand the impact of programmatic processes and automation on our industry. When we start to look at the terms themselves: “Many companies still use the term programmatic to describe much of what they do, and this generally indicates that automation is driving processes.” For the sample space specifically, automating functions can deliver on the above benefits, improving everything from  respondent recruitment through bidding and feasibility to project execution.

JD concludes: “No matter the intricacies of defining these terms, the movement toward a more automated, technology-driven process is the future of the sample space. The efficiencies, accuracy and quality it delivers promise to meet the demands of a quickly changing industry.”

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