Although we were pleased to see the addendum “Consumer Participation in Research” in the GRIT report, we were surprised that it was nestled away at the very end, when undoubtedly respondent experience is paramount to our industry. As was stated in the report “Customer-centricity, user experience, engagement and design are the heart of product development and marketing, but yet are hardly even a consideration in research”. Sadly that appears to be the case as “respondent experience” was at the bottom of the list entitled “importance when designing research”.

This rating is in direct conflict GRIT participants’ feedback earlier in the report on “the future of sampling” where both insights buyers and suppliers indicated they are equally pessimistic about the future of sample quality, with far more believing that quality will further erode in the next three years.

How can we expect sample quality to improve if we don’t believe the respondent experience is important?

At P2Sample we believe that respondent experience and satisfaction is paramount to both sample and data quality. We assign every panelist a quality score- which increases for good behavior (detailed, thoughtful responses) and decreases for bad (speeding or straight lining). We also give every survey a “survey score” based on panelist satisfaction with the survey experience. A higher survey score means greater sample flow and more value for our clients.

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