If there’s one thing we can all agree on in market research it is that quality data is the primary goal. We must be able to trust the data we’re receiving in order to make decisions. In our new eBook “THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE: How to Select a Sample Supplier”, we cover a series of “buyer tips” to help with the smart sample supplier selection in order to help achieve this goal. One of the first things we cover in the guide is representativity, one of several steps that must be in place from a sample standpoint.

In a world where the industry has willingly departed from the principle of probability-based sampling, we must at minimum be bringing in respondents from a large and diverse number of sources. From online forums and blogs to search engines, shopping sites to social networks, from gaming sites to app stores, automation makes it possible to recruit a wide variety of people from hundreds of sources while managing quality and costs. Conversely, sample buyers should diversify and avoid companies that use a limited number of recruitment partners, or source from only one channel (e.g., only drawing respondents from mobile gaming networks).

Buyers should also recognize that some traditional parameters that connoted quality don’t necessarily still apply. For instance:

“The fact that a panel is double opt-in doesn’t mean it will yield high quality data.”

Double opt-in has been used as a way of ensuring the person’s commitment, as well as an additional layer transparency surrounding exactly what’s on the table in terms of privacy. In this day and age, it is a stronger (but not mandated) sign of GDPR compliance. Nevertheless, if a panel supplier is doing little on the engagement and fraud detection fronts, double opt-in matters little. (A fraudster could automate his response!) The bottom line is that each person needs to be real, deeply profiled, engaged and treated respectfully in accordance with the law. This is when you will start to find the representative sample that you need to deliver quality data.

Want more tips on how to evaluate and select a sample supplier? Check out our new Guide with forewords from industry leaders like Kristin Luck, Ray Poynter and Lenny Murphy.

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