Over the past several months, we’ve been sharing “buyer tips” on our blog, helping companies find ways to get the most out of their relationships with sample suppliers. With the advent of new technology, sample suppliers have the opportunity to escape the “commodity trap” and become a true partner for data quality from the ground up. This includes what we believe is the most important aspect that a sample supplier should have: the ability and agility to evolve with buyers and meet the changing needs of their business.

This means being nimble enough to develop out-of-the-box technical and sample solutions, and the flexibility to deliver on even the most complicated and unusual projects. Part of achieving this kind of flexibility means investments in technology that boost platform quality and speed. By leading the industry in innovation, P2Sample has been able to deliver quality while sharing time and cost savings with its clients.

So how are you viewing sample? If it just comes down to a question of price, then you are selling yourself – and your data – short. When sample companies show a solid commitment to things like improving respondent experience, mitigating fraud, utilizing technology to achieve better field outcomes and displaying process transparency, then they are directly impacting your outcomes. A solid partnership with sample companies is not just good for you: it can push industry change, and deliver meaningful improvements in data quality.

We challenge the industry to start to think differently, not for the supplier’s sake, but for the buyer’s own sake. We are living through a very challenging transition. The partners worth keeping are those whose innovations align with clients’ own goals, and those who also take the time to consult and advise on how to improve their projects or adapt to new technologies.

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