The team continues to rack up frequent flyer miles as P2Sample attends its FIFTH conference in 30 days. This time it’s hipster friendly Brooklyn (four of five team members have facial hair, so we’ll fit right in) for the most client-focused event on the calendar: Quirk’s East.

JD Deitch will lead a session entitled “Hidden Sampling Practices are Ruining Your Survey Data.” Designed for clients and corporate researchers, this eye-opening and candid session will shed light on current practices with the goal of informing sample buyers and helping them make better decisions. The session is at the end of day 1, Tuesday, February 27, from 5:00-5:30 in Room 4. As it’s the last session of the day, we will be bringing special treats for attendees. (Good stuff, we promise.)

We will be exhibiting at booth 710 (close to Room 1). Come join Garrett, Art, Edward and Nelson to learn more about our innovative machine learning techniques to combat fraud and how we use automation to pull bad survey experiences out of field.

This sold-out event promises to be rewarding and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!