About six months ago, we announced the launch of P2Solo, our DIY sample solution that is backed by the power of P2Sample’s technology and expertise. With this platform, you can cost-effectively manage projects with flexible cost-per-interview (CPI), while harnessing the power of our end-to-end automation. In a world where we have increasing digital control of every aspect of our lives, we know it is important for some of our clients to access the benefits of our solution on their own.

We’ve built flexibility into P2Solo, depending on each user’s level of comfort. Its simple and intuitive interface allows you to simply enter project specifications, manage budgets and find feasibility,  or go all the way to run complete projects. All of the advanced technologies that P2Sample is known for are built in to the solution: from artificial intelligence to combat fraud to smart automation implementation that creates efficiencies every step of the way.

We’re committed to widespread use of technology to improve processes and boost data quality. That’s why it is important to us to encourage adoption by giving our clients an opportunity to use these technologies in a very hands-on way.

Specifically, P2Solo allows you to:

  • Launch projects in just a few clicks while choosing the CPI that works for your budget
  • Target respondents using P2Sample’s rich profiles with hundreds of behavioral and demographic variables
  • Enjoy the benefits of properly implemented automation for maximum dependability, from rock-solid feasibility to real-time monitoring
  • Improve data quality and decisions through access to significantly more engaged and satisfied respondents garnered with our proprietary Right Survey. Right Person. Right Time. (SM) technology
  • Reach real people with the only AI-drive fraud mitigation in the sample space
  • Access P2Sample’s expert project managers and round-the-clock monitoring system

Want to learn more? Check out our original news release on P2Solo here.