We closed out 2017 for an “intense meeting of the minds” at the MR TechHub one-day event in Gurugram, organized by Market Cube and Lucid. The conference aims to bring together the worlds of market research and technology to help transform traditional fieldwork methods in India through education.

Pratyush sharing some soundbytes with the media at MRTech Hub India.

P2Sample’s Pratyush Sinha and Rahul Nagpal attended the event, sitting in on sessions led by speakers from KARVY insights, Lucid, Kadence and Monet. All of the evening’s presenters focused on technology driving the future of research, and how advanced methods – like AI and its sub-fields – can help to drive this. Some specific topics included frameless sample, neuroscience, computer vision and more.   


Pratyush and Rahul found that P2Sample’s vision for using technology to advance the sample space fell right in line with the goals covered at the conference. The conference attendees and leaders with whom they interacted recognize P2Sample’s leadership when it comes to global sample. Pratyush and Rahul also discussed our programmatic approach with their fellow attendees, covering how we use automation technology and more to deliver quality results.

India has a strong market research presence and is of strategic importance both as a base of research operations and a cradle of interesting parallel innovations around analytics. But, overall, there is low access to technology among the population, with some statistics showing that millions of the people in India are unable to get online. By using educational opportunities like this, we share MRTech’s hope that by bringing the end client in touch with service providers, we can start to overcome obstacles and address challenges that the global market research industry faces.