Have you ever wondered exactly what you should be looking for in a sample partner in the digital age? These can be hard waters to navigate as technology is continually shifting the way we do business. Our new, comprehensive eBook “The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: How to Select a Sample Supplier”, written by P2Sample CRO, JD Deitch, gives you an easy-to-follow road map for evaluating and judging the capabilities of today’s sample suppliers.

Starting out with forewords from some of the market research industry’s leading minds, such as Kristin Luck of The Luck Collective, Lenny Murphy of Greenbook and Ray Poynter of NewMR, this book immediately sets the stage for innovation and change. The guide provides an in-depth look at the constraints and history of the sample space (as it fits into the greater picture of marketing, technology and social influences), leading into a no-nonsense framework for smart decision-making today.

Highlighting the importance of things like automation implementation, respondent experience and data quality, the guide encourages readers to:

  • Look beyond size and client service when it comes to measuring quality and start asking questions about fraud mitigation, respondent engagement and more
  • Stop relying on the largely fictional “Panel Book” for audience reach and demographics and seek more accurate metrics like recent completes and spot feasibility
  • Find a supplier who is using automation for more than just speed and cost savings, and is implementing this technology at every stage of the process for better outcomes and heightened quality
  • Create a checklist for judging sample suppliers that ensures they work with nimble, dependable partners who can provide them with trustworthy data
  • Follow “Buyer Tips” outlined in the guide to evaluate a supplier’s capabilities in important areas like representativity, profiling, identity verification, engagement and transparency

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