Our CRO, JD Deitch, recently wrote a piece for Greenbook called “Transparency: Shedding light on sample.” The article covers how sample suppliers must increase the transparency of sample recruitment and better utilize technology in order to provide quality sample. The editor agrees that this is a critical issue – in his preface he writes that transparency is “More than nice to have, it is critical right now if trust is to be maintained in the foundation of much of market research.”

In the article, JD covers a few key questions that buyers are starting – or should be starting – to ask when it comes to recruitment, process and technology usage. These questions and their implications are covered in depth in the piece, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Number of respondents: reach is about more than just a headcount and needs to encompass how many panelists are actually active, using metrics like “recent activity, completes and spot feasibility.”
  • Respondent source and origin: for a diverse base of respondents who can provide a representative sample of the population, participants must be recruited from multiple sources and properly profiled at the respondent level, rather than the traditional source level — understanding who that individual truly is and target more precisely.
  • Use of technology: using automation and machine learning can help ensure quality every step of the way. They can “positively impact essential functions like feasibility, fraud mitigation, respondent satisfaction, and subsequent data quality.”

He writes, “It’s time we all realized that sample is about much more than price. Sampling is fundamental to market research and provides the foundation for quality insights, so determining a supplier’s practices is vital to success.” You can read the full article on Greenbook here.