Earlier today, we were excited to announce the completion of our feasibility API. Not only does this move automate this particular part of the sample process, but it means big things for our platform: we have a completely programmatic panel management and sample blending platform. P2Sample’s solution is now the industry’s only sample platform that is maximally automated, from start to finish.

This  turnkey solution for panel management and sample delivery is not only fully programmatic, but was built on ensuring an excellent respondent experience. While other companies in the space do pieces of what we do, nobody does it all, so this is a proud moment for our entire team.

What does this mean for you? Depending on your business, this mature and sophisticated solution offers clear benefits.

  • For Research Agencies: Completely automated sample bidding, feasibility, and delivery, with simple setup and rock-solid reliability. These features are combined with the industry’s only AI-enabled fraud detection and targeting solutions, plus respondent engagement that has been proven better than some of the industry’s biggest names.
  • For Panel Companies and Publishers: P2Sample’s White Label and Private Label panel management capabilities are offered alongside supply APIs that enable deep profiling and targeting, industry leading deduplication and fraud management, and excellent earnings per click (EPC).

From respondent recruitment through bidding and feasibility to project execution, we have now automated 100 percent of capabilities from bid to execution. We use this technology for things like: tracking data points for better respondent engagement, keeping a constant eye on quota management, real-time field management, fraud mitigation and much more.

For more, see our press release.