One of the highlights of our recent trip to Austin for IIeX North America was sitting down with Jamin Brazil, host of the HappyMR Podcast. He interviewed Garrett Gil de Rubio, our vice president of business development, right before the sold-out Women in Research (WIRe) reception near the beginning of the show.

After talking briefly about the venue, improvements over the traditional location in Atlanta and strategies for succeeding in a busy conference environment, they dove into what’s been happening at P2Sample. Just a few weeks ago, we announced one of our largest quarters ever – Q1 2019 – during a time that is traditionally slow for the industry. Jamin asked Garrett what our keys to success were.

Garrett spoke about our commitment to automation and programmatic sample, which he believes has played a large role in P2Sample’s overall growth. He said “We believe in being as programmatic as possible…providing real-time engagement not only by launching studies quickly, but also in working with respondents and panelists.” This type of turnaround delivers higher quality data, and our clients appreciate it, see the value and want more!

They also discussed P2Sample’s growth internationally and trends toward globalization in the space as a whole. No longer are studies as limited to geographic areas as they used to be, so this is making a difference in how panelists and respondents are recruited. We find them through a large number of platforms, such as social media, publishers, marketplaces and many other sources.

The podcast dives into other important issues like our new #timetolisten initiative (making the voice of the respondent heard), data quality, integrations and streamlining respondent experiences (stop asking for gender 15,000 times!). We invite you to listen to the short 10-minute interview here!

Thanks again to HappyMR and Jamin for hosting Garrett on the show!