In less than two weeks, we’ll be joining friends and colleagues at the most anticipated show of the year for the sample industry: SampleCon 2019 in Austin, TX. Fashioned specifically to drive the conversation forward and look toward the future of the space, SampleCon focuses on providing a collaborative environment to share perspectives on industry issues, challenges, trends and successes.

This year’s conference, held February 11-13, will address the rapidly evolving market research industry and help to shape the “future trajectory of sample.” Key senior influencers across the industry will be attending in order to network and share in the conversation, and we’re excited to join in.

Garrett Gil de Rubio, our vice president of business development, will be participating in a panel during the conference program, sharing more about one of our favorite subjects: automation. The session, called “Transform or Fail: How You Can Join the Race to Automate” brings together some of the industry’s leading minds to discuss a technology that is completely changing the way we do business. Far from a bunch of hype, automation can be applied in the sample space in many practical ways that improve outcomes. Join us on Wednesday, February 13, from 10:05-10:50am in Palm Park Room.

The session will address the transformation that automation has brought to the sampling process both via marketplace platforms and through the collective efforts of individual suppliers. Programmatic delivery of sample is now largely considered a given for most consumer research needs. More aspects of the value chain are ripe for next-level automation to return new value to both sample buyers and sellers. The panel members will profile opportunities and efforts to apply concepts of automation to quality and security, bidding and feasibility, and user acquisition and retention.

Attendees to the panel discussion will learn how:

  • Automation is improving respondent acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • Programmatic techniques are improving respondent and project quality and bolstering the fight against fraud.
  • Machine learning is a transformative tool for sample providers in an algorithmic era.
  • Researchers can be doing more to take advantage of the strongest aspects of new programmatic tools.

We believe that this session is important because automation of processes is the future of our space, and the key way that sample companies can remain competitive. In order to avoid becoming obsolete, all sample providers must continue to adapt and sample buyers must more aggressively exploit these new efficiencies to add value to research clients.

Joining Garrett on stage will be moderator Eli Ackerman of Lucid and fellow panel members Oscar Carlsson from Cint; Jonathan Knight from Qmee; and Emil Hedeya from iGain.

Please check the SampleCon conference page for additional conference details! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Austin next month.