How do we engage respondents in the new digital reality? With so many diversions available to capture people’s attention, market researchers need to step up their game in order to recruit online sample. JD Deitch, our CRO, writes about this issue in detail in his latest article on Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, in a piece titled “Digital drives changes to respondent engagement.” 

One thing the digital landscape has brought us is massive amounts of data. JD maintains that we should be using that data to improve the respondent’s overall experience. By employing technology like automation, we can put those data points to work. For example, “we can promote a project and accelerate sample flow when we see that the experience is good – conversion is high, dropout is low, respondents give good ratings. Conversely, when the experience is bad – conversion is low, dropout is high, the respondents say a study is terrible – the project can be quarantined, its sample limited and we can take action to rectify the issues.”

When you look at recruitment in this ecosystem, there’s no question that market researchers need to tap into a wide range of sources in order to garner representative sample. By recruiting from diverse sources we can start to see improvement in things like feasibility. JD concludes the article by stating that “Within this recruitment ecosystem there are big challenges for respondent engagement – challenges we can face head-on.” 

JD covers this topic in-depth in our latest eBook, “The Reality of Online Sample,” where he explores a myriad of challenges in this new environment. He writes about how the market research industry can – and already is – addressing these challenges using new approaches and technology, while also giving a sneak peak at what’s around the corner. To download the eBook, visit:

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