Better data, that’s what. When respondents become frustrated at being asked the same question over and over, or being bounced around or bombarded with emails, they disengage. That’s why we’ve developed a method for matching the right people with the right surveys, boosting completion rates and garnering higher quality data. We wrote about this earlier in 2018, and felt it was worth a second look as you plan for 2019 outreach. Our original article on the Right Person. Right Survey. Right Time.SM method is below.


Age? Gender? Occupation? Education Level? Age? Gender? Occupation….No one likes to answer the same questions over and over, including survey respondents. There are many other things they don’t like either, from bouncing around in soul-crushing routers to mindless overquotas to being bombarded with emails. All of this, often coupled with ill-designed surveys, makes for a dismal respondent experience and kills engagement.

At P2Sample, we’ve made a real commitment to improving respondent engagement with our Right Person. Right Survey. Right Time.SM method. Utilizing deep targeting data, our technology matches surveys with the respondents that make sense, boosting the likelihood of qualification and completion. Finding these respondents is another important piece: we don’t limit searches to “panel” only but recruit from a huge variety of sources using automation. From online forums and blogs to search engines, shopping sites to social networks, from gaming sites to app stores, our technology allows us to find the perfect match, all with industry-leading fraud detection – powered by artificial intelligence technology – to manage quality and costs.

We also allow respondents to signal both good and bad experiences in real time through respondent ratings. These ratings are just one of three dozen factors that allow us to rate a project’s engagement level in real time. If a survey gets poor ratings, it is quickly pulled from field so it can be fixed before more people have a negative experience. If it gets good ratings, we increase the flow of sample so the project finishes more quickly.

Survey design has always been core to improving outcomes – but this is really just one piece of the larger “engagement” puzzle. Matching the right survey with the right people, and giving respondents more control over their own experiences are two important leaps toward a significant positive impact on respondent engagement and experience.

Sample is not just a commodity anymore.

In fact, sample companies can have a significant impact on data quality through an active commitment to respondent engagement. P2Sample’s proprietary Right Person. Right Survey. Right Time. approach automatically utilizes profiling data—from initial profiling through to survey responses and pre-screens—to ensure proper targeting, improve the user experience and yield better, more accurate data.