If you haven’t checked out our latest e-book, now’s the time. Penned with the goal of helping readers keep up with rapid changes in the industry, along with an understanding of factors driving these changes, The New Reality of Online Sample: What You Need to Know helps outline the opportunities and challenges for improving market research practices and outcomes. Author J.D. Deitch, PhD, draws on his years of experience in the sample space to provide an in-depth look at how the industry is (or should be) transforming to accommodate a new reality.

What will you find inside this free publication? Everything from how recruitment has changed in a digital ecosystem all the way to how fraud mitigation and respondent experience techniques need to change. This in addition to an examination of what’s coming up next can help keep you up-to-date on all the latest transformations in what has become a dynamic space.

There are many firms – both researchers and sample suppliers – who are meeting these changes head on. They are leaving dated thinking behind and using technology and innovation to face challenges and improve processes. These companies are developing assets and practices not just to compete, but to create better outcomes. In the introduction to the e-book, JD writes: “Our goal in this, P2Sample’s second e-book, is to explain this new reality and share the ways sample companies (including my own) are transforming the industry not just for their own survival, but for the betterment of the space.”

Readers of the e-book will:

  • Understand why invite-driven research panels are effectively dead, and how recruitment in the broader digital ecosystem has changed everything about fraud mitigation and respondent engagement—and how to keep up
  • Learn why suppliers don’t want to hear about frequently-fictional incidence rates and are focusing on the more important metric of conversion rate, and how they are using technology to streamline and improve the experience
  • Discover how programmatic sampling has completely transformed the supplier landscape from self-contained islands into an automated and integrated network, and what that means for adding vendors to projects
  • Peek into what’s coming next for the sample space, such as increasing concerns surrounding privacy, consumer data protection and usage, and expansion into the broader digital ecosystem

We invite you to take a look today! Let’s dive in and uncover learning from the past, transformations occurring in the present and what to look for in the future when it comes to sample in the digital age.

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