You can view them on our new interactive panel map which shows just how many active members P2Sample has at any given time. It’s simple, clickable interface will clearly show you our panel capabilities in each country, as well as displaying how many have been active in the past 90 days.

Why did we decide on this approach? To dispel the mystery surrounding our capabilities. In our latest eBook on how to select a sample supplier, we talk about the shortfalls of the traditional “panel book.” Panel books were developed as a marketing tool to provide sample buyers with approximate figures on how many people they can reach and the demographic characteristics of those people. While there is a kernel of truth to these numbers, they are effectively meaningless for judging a supplier’s ability and dependability to supply respondents for a given project.

To help solve this problem, we developed the map in order to clearly show you the details on our 40+ million opted-in panel members in more than 150 countries. You’ll see when you view the map that P2Sample is able to provide solid representation of your target audience, no matter where they might reside. Some of our top geographies by region include the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. We specialize in hard-to-reach audiences around the globe.

While the panel book still may have its place in some applications, we believe that you can make better decisions with more accurate, real-time numbers shown in the new map. We look forward to hearing your feedback!