Did you know – according to our new paper – that women hold just 36 percent of executive positions in the market research industry? Our newly published white paper, “Women Executives in Market Research, unveils this and many more statistics surrounding the presence of women in executive roles across a broad cross-section of market research companies. Authored by our CRO JD Deitch and published in partnership with Women in Research (WIRe), the paper acts as a call to the industry to begin taking actionable steps toward more equitable and representative industry leadership. 


JD said in a press release issued last week: “I felt that this paper was an important exercise in unveiling if we, as an industry, are putting our money where our mouths are when it comes to diversity on executive teams.”

For the study, JD and a data collection team from P2Sample examined the topic by analysing the executive teams of many sizes and types of companies in the market research and consumer insights spaces. We approached the research under the premise that a company’s leaders have the greatest impact on culture and performance. Findings that are revealed in the paper show that women remain significantly underrepresented across nearly every executive function.

All is not lost! The paper also provides eight in-depth recommendations for targeted and immediate action that companies can take to rectify this disparity. These include measures like a formal diversity policy, refreshing management teams, including employees in various processes, professional development opportunities and much more. JD writes: “These actions must include mechanisms for public accountability such as setting measurable goals, making internal and external public statements about gender diversity, and training and engaging employees on the matter. Failing that, the industry will continue to be long on talk and short on results.”

A copy of Women Executives in Market Research can be downloaded here: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/2759897/eBooks/Women%20Executives%20in%20MRX.pdf