In our new publication “THE ULTIMATE BUYER’S GUIDE: How to Select a Sample Supplier”, we give easy-to-follow buyer tips for selecting a sample supplier in the digital age. One of those tips surrounds taking a closer look at identity verification or, to put it another way, fraud mitigation.

We’ve written a lot about using new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to reduce fraudulent behavior. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to do tasks like distinguish between real fraud and false positives, identify anomalies such as a surge in users with identical demographic markers, and employ self-learning to continue to find new patterns. We maintain that, as market research fraudsters become increasingly more savvy and efficient, suppliers must employ ever more vigorous practices to defend against them.

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The new battle requires a mix of traditional techniques, such as: email and address verification; captcha, which provides an artificial, puzzle-like block that requires human intervention; honeypots, which employ computing codes to act as a trap that machines find irresistible but humans never notice; and open-end questions, which make it difficult for most fraudsters to create realistic, genuine, non-spammy open-ended answers on a large scale.

Employed on their own, these approaches are helpful, but are no longer sufficient in the face of the sophisticated, technologically armed fraudster. Combining traditional methods, such as those mentioned above, with advanced technology like AI is an approach that has the potential to mitigate fraud significantly.

Buyers should explore this with their suppliers to ensure that concrete solutions have been employed that take the “new” fraudster into account. Ask questions about the use of AI technology, retention of historical data that will help the machine learn, and overall experience with managing fraud. Be wary of techniques that are not constantly evolving and don’t be afraid to dig in when it comes to finding out how your supplier is fighting fraud. Your data quality will thank you. Download your FREE copy today!