P2Sample is proud to be a 2019 supporting donor for Women in Research (WIRe). The nonprofit organization’s promotes workplace diversity and offers professional development and networking for women in the market research industry – something we all care about. Recently, WIRe interviewed our co-founder and COO, Janna de Bruijne as part of its donor spotlight series.

The interview consisted of several questions surrounding her experiences in the market research industry, her leadership style and what she loves about her job. Her career path, which may differ from many women in the industry, has led her through her journey to a unique management style. She says she seeks to really understand those who report to her, saying “I work hard to get to know the people reporting to me, directly or indirectly. I want to understand what motivates them, how they think and what they need from me.”

She also answers some questions about what is exciting to her right now about what’s happening at P2Sample and in the industry. Janna touched on what makes P2Sample different, and it started when the company was founded 12 years ago. She says we started with “three key foundational drivers: to capitalize on the advances in technology, to create efficiencies in our space, and to ensure an excellent experience for everyone.” It’s exciting that we are still striving for this mission today.

Janna wraps up her interview with advice to those new in the industry: “Be yourself, don’t try to mold yourself to be like anyone else—man or woman. Find out what you are good at and which styles come naturally to you, and further develop those skills to be useful for your individual growth as a leader.”

Read the whole profile here on WIRe’s website: https://www.womeninresearch.org/donor-voices-p2/