We were lucky enough to host a Women in Research (WIRe) event last week and it was the very first breakfast networking event of its kind for the entire organization! We believe it was a great success, and is a model that could be replicated for WIRe chapters around the globe in the future. Our team enjoyed the intimate setting of the morning as a way to connect with others in the greater Atlanta metro area market research field.


Beyond the networking aspects of the breakfast, we hosted guest speaker and lifestyle coach, Trisha Harp. Her talk “Reenergize for Fall: Finding Work-Life Balance” gave attendees some ideas for setting small, achievable goals and viewing your life as a “house” for which you create the blueprint. The exercise was meant to assist in identifying and recognizing your own dreams and goals, and then sharing these with partners and families.

Having the event at our Atlanta offices worked well, with a comfortable layout, and we hope to do it again. Lots of great food and plenty of coffee kept the morning energized, and it was a good time to learn from ladies (and a few men) from all different career paths within the market research space. 

“Being able to show off our office while meeting fellow women in our industry was a truly wonderful experience!” – Maggie Bolsius, Sales Operations Specialist for P2Sample

P2Sample is proud to support WIRe in multiple ways, including hosting area events like this one! We are a supporting-level sponsor for the organization’s 2019 programs, which continue to advance the contributions and voice of women in research. Our CRO, JD Deitch, serves as a WIRe mentor, WIRe Advisory Board Member and was the recipient of the most recent WIRe Diversity Champion Award. He will be presenting the results of a recent study about women executives in the market research industry during a WIRe luncheon at the 2019 ESOMAR Congress. 

We hope to host another WIRe even again soon, this time under the Cint brand!