How to Select a Sample Supplier 

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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about reviewing and selecting a Sample Supplier.

Top Insights in This Guide

  1. Look beyond size and reliability when it comes to measuring quality and start asking questions about fraud mitigation, respondent engagement and more
  2. Stop relying on the largely fictional “Panel Book” for audience reach and demographics and seek more accurate metrics like recent completes and spot feasibility
  3. Find a supplier who is using automation for more than just speed and cost savings, and is implementing this technology at every stage of the process for better outcomes and heightened quality from the ground up
  4. Create a checklist for judging sample suppliers that shows how they can help achieve core goals of trusted data, dependable execution and a nimble partner that can evolve with changing needs
  5. Specific “Buyer Tips” outlined to help explore a supplier’s capabilities in important areas like representativity, profiling, identity verification, engagement and transparency

AUTHOR: Jonathan Deitch, PhD

Jonathan Deitch comes to P2Sample with executive experience at growth-stage insights startups Bakamo Social and Ask Your Target Market. Prior to that, he was global head of sampling for Ipsos, where he led the modernization of Ipsos’ panel recruitment and sampling practices, improving quality while driving significant margin improvement. As CRO, Deitch will lead the Sales, Marketing, and Operations functions and help to define P2Sample’s product strategy to continue the company’s rapid growth.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying!

The following pages outline sample driven strategies that can easily be implemented to improve the respondent experience and, as a result, data quality.Buyers, I hope this eBook inspires you to design shorter more engaging surveys that respondents truly enjoy taking. Suppliers, think of this missive as your crib notes for panel quality.

Kristin Luck

Growth Strategist, Luck Collective
With the shift to programmatic sampling, some think that quality and respondent respect are in tension. In this book – and as an organization – P2Sample exemplifies the harmony that exists between quality and automation.

Patrick Comer

CEO - Lucid
This eBook highlights the importance of respondent experience. Unless the research industry improves its performance, the spiral of declining confidence in research won’t be reversed. Too many companies are paying lip service to the respondent experience, but buyers should note that a bad respondent experience makes sample harder to find and results less reliable.

Ray Poynter

Founder & Chair, NewMR
If you are looking for direction on how to use insights to engage, understand, and activated consumer relationships it starts with effective sampling, and this is where you will learn all you need to know to make the right choices.

Lenny Murphy

Executive Editor & Producer at GreenBook